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What File Types are Supported? Added  24/08/2017 11:12:53

There are two types of data that can be uploaded to 3DUserNet - Point clouds and 3D Models.

For Point Clouds the following formats are supported:
.las (v1.2 / v1.4)
.laz (v1.2 / v1.4)

For 3D Models the file types supported are:
.zip (for .obj models with accompanying texture files)

There are per file size limits currently for uploads. These are:
10GB for Pointclouds
64MB for Models

For more details on the supported formats and how to prepare your data please read the information in this document.

How do I share with a Guest? Added  24/08/2017 11:16:01

You can create a saved state and then in the data management window you can click on the 'share with guest' button to share it.

You will be asked to supply the email address, name and an expiry date for the Guest link. Once entered you then send the link to the guest and they can view the project for that time.

Keep in mind that any links shared with Guests will accrue Download volume on your account.

How do I save changes in my Projects? Added  11/09/2017 13:12:51
3D Viewer

To save changes in your projects you have to save a 'State'.

This can be done from the Tools Menu in the 3D Viewer.  Press the 'add' icon and then the 'Save State' icon that looks like a clock face.

When you click on this it will ask for a title and description of the State that you can edit as you need.

For more information on Saving States please see our tutorial video on YouTube.

How and why do I use Libraries? Added  11/09/2017 13:33:46

Libraries are used to share objects between projects and categorise them to keep them organised.

One example use is having a Library Category of 'Vehicle Models'.  In this category would be a series of different 3D models of vehicles from Cars, Vans and Trucks etc that other users in your account could use in their projects as well.  This would avoid each person having to upload their own versions of the models, reducing the amount of storage required.

Another example is saving snapshots of projects.  You might create a category of 'Social Media Material' that you can share with a colleague.  In this category you would save all of your best snapshots from projects.  They could then access these and download them at their leisure.

For more information on how to use Library Categories please see our YouTube video.

How do I report a bug? Added  11/09/2017 13:46:26

We really want to make 3DUserNet the best experience it can be for our users, so we always want to hear of any issues or bugs.

If you find one please go to the help area in the dashboard (by clicking the '?' icon on the top bar) and then use the 'Report a Bug' button.  

This will email an issue to our bug tracking system and we will get back to you with information on how we are trying to resolve the issue and when a fix is ready.

Licenses decide how much storage and download allocation you get and initially are chosen when you set up your account.  The license types are:

Pro - 800 GB storage and 800GB Download/Mnth

Project - 300 GB Storage and 300GB Download/Mnth

Viewer - 100GB Download/Mnth

Note: The viewer license type cannot store any data and therefore cannot edit data in projects either.

Roles decide what actions can be performed in your account.  This involves adding users, adjusting licenses and editing projects.  The types of role and the actions they are allowed are:

Admin - All Actions (Payment Handling, User Management & Editing Projects)

Standard - Main Actions (User Management (Creating Groups and Adding Users to those Groups), Create & Edit Projects they create)

Viewer - Can see Projects from groups they belong to.  (Must be added to a group by a Standard or Admin User)

Group Roles allow control of a persons actions inside a certain group.  For example an Admin (Role) may create a new group and add a user who normally has a Standard (Role) but for this particular group they do not want them to be able to Edit anything.  So they set their Group Role as 'Viewer'.  The explanation of these group roles is:

Project Manager - Can edit the project and add content to it.

Viewer - (If a Project / Pro License) Can view the project, but cannot upload new pointclouds or models or edit the details of the project. 

Viewer - (If Viewer License) Can view the project but not change anything.

Note:  Privileges are not able to be escalated.  So a Viewer License cannot be become a Project Manager in a group, but only a viewer

How do I upgrade to a paid account? Added  11/09/2017 15:58:17

You can upgrade from a Trial account in the Licenses area of the Dashboard.  You will see a green 'Upgrade Account' button near the top of the page.

When you click on the button a pop-up opens that lets you choose the number of licenses you want and enter your payment details.

 Just fill in the details and your account will be upgraded whilst keeping all your project data.

You can then carry on enjoying sharing your projects.

How to change the Project Thumbnail Image Added  06/02/2018 13:59:56

In order to set the Project thumbnail for your project so that it appears on the map and other project list areas in the administration dashboard you can follow the steps below:

1) Launch your project so that you can see it in the 3D Viewer

2) Open the 'Data Management' area at the bottom of the screen by pressing the Data Management button 

3) Go to the Save Views tab on the left hand side to open the 'Saved Views' datatable 

4) Click on the 'Set Project Thumbnail' button in the top right above the datatable.  This will take a snapshot of your current view in the 3D Viewer and assign it as your Project Thumbnail.