API Release and New Partners

API Release

We are pleased to announce that we now have our first API release available and that a number of 3D software providers are already planning to implement it to offer easy access to the 3UserNet platform for their users.  It might be of interest to some of you as well.

For further details of how you can get involved with our API please read this Press Release PDF

New Partners – who, and what sectors

We are seeing strong interest in the UAV survey sector adding a number of partners including TexoDrone. We hope to announce more partners in this sector shortly, in the UK and International markets.

ARUP is our most recent Tier One construction partner. They are using the platform on major projects in a range of ways, to raise efficiency of working by using 3D data with all stakeholders, wherever they are.

And we are delighted that we are being trialled and evaluated now in large survey businesses not just in the UK, but also in Europe, Australia, New Zealand, India and the US.

It is clear that online working and sharing 3D data is increasingly on the agenda, as companies realise how much it can contribute to doing current tasks more efficiently and enabling use of 3D data in new ways.

Our key differentiators – Point Clouds and Models; A Project Database for saving measurements and notes for different uses; Saving original data for download; A variety of easy project sharing options with full online immersive navigation, seem to be what people are looking for. We continue to listen to our trialists and customers to develop new desirable features.

Finally the option to have your own branded version seems to be a very popular one – all the features and functions of 3DUserNet but in your name.

Integration solutions

It is inevitable that some companies and sectors are looking at putting in place, or are developing further, overall online solutions for all their project data. Others are restricted by the need to retain data on their own servers, rather than seek an external cloud solution

We are able to integrate our platform with existing or developing platforms and into other server environments if required so do let us know if you wish to discuss this.

That’s it for now

Do get in touch with any of us if you want to discuss anything and we look forward to seeing some of you at GeoBusiness, end of May.

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