Efficient Management and Sharing of all your Project Data

DataDrop LogoSurvey projects can now use a myriad of different data types – large scan data files, thousands of photos, 3D models; pdfs; videos etc… in many different file formats…..

One constant refrain from many of you is how difficult it is to get everything in one place, and make it accessible to team members quickly.  We’ve heard the stories and frustrations around posting USB sticks or hard-drives to get data from A-B, of having data for the same project stored in many different places.

So we decided to act to help you be more efficient and effective.

Key features of 3DUserNet DataDrop

  • Upload any type of file – Raw scan data, Images, PDF’s, videos ++ direct through your browser – no plugins required
  • Simply email links to share files with others
  • Simple and flexible storage and filing to suit your projects
  • Preview images
  • No limits – Upload all you want within your license storage allocation
  • Free new feature with our standard licenses

Completely accessible direct through your browser as part of 3DUserNet it overcomes issues on restrictions that other file sharing platforms have.

The DataDrop feature alone will significantly increase your project efficiency and combined with the other features of 3DUserNet you can put your business into overdrive.

An additional benefit as part of the DataDrop rollout is that now accounts can choose where they want to store their data.  We have had interest from all over the globe about using 3DUserNet and now you can have your data stored in your nearest region to give you the best performance possible.

Watch the video about the features here:

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