Check Point Tool

New Feature Update

Checking your survey data against known points or control points is now feasible on 3DUserNet.

We have implemented a new ‘Check point’ tool that allows you to create a point at any location in the 3D view.  You can give it a title and specify its location to see it inserted as a labelled yellow marker in the scene.  Additionally, we have added the capability to upload a .CSV (Comma Delimited) file that can contain all your points to import them quickly and efficiently.

Once added or imported you might want to see how close these points are to your pointclouds or models within the 3D View.  So we have enabled the navigation feature ‘double-click to zoom’ on all measurement points to ensure you get to work as quickly as possible.  Furthermore, you can now start new measurements from the nodes of previous measurements, which allows you to take a measurement to help assess offsets from your known points to your survey data and share these with others.

You can click on this link to see the feature for yourself.

This is a powerful new feature that will help you confirm and validate your work and will also help your customers be confident that they are getting the best quality survey data.

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