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New Orthographic View Feature

A useful new feature we have just added to 3DUserNet is the ability to toggle between Perspective and Orthographic views easily.  An Orthographic view removes the effects of perspective and shows each object at its correct dimensions, irrespective of distance within the scene.  The new feature is accessible at the top of the ‘Settings’ menu in the 3D Viewport.

This feature will be familiar to many CAD and 3D software users and is particularly useful for viewing your 3D scene in plan, but there are some other great uses too…

  • A better visual appreciation of relative object sizes
  • True Plan views when viewing from vertically above your data (especially useful when combined with the crop tool to enable you to see a ‘slice’ of your data)
  • Faster measurement placement when measuring ‘top down’ areas, and distances
  • Visualising cropped sections directly in the viewport, rather than having to open a ‘Profile’ window

This feature brings a familiar 3D viewing tool to your browser experience of 3DUserNet, no matter what device you are using, and it also paves the way for a number of other features that we will be introducing in the near future!

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