2D & 3D Linework

We are excited to announce our latest feature on 3DUserNet the inclusion of 2D & 3D Linework import that allows our users to upload and view line drawing files from .dxf and .dgn(v7) drawing files.

We have been in close discussion with our users and this is one of the key features that they have requested.  Linework drawings are still an important aspect of many projects, especially those that span across many years and have stakeholders with varied capabilities. 

Being able to introduce drawings into the 3D View of 3DUserNet, to integrate with 3D pointcloud data and 3D surface models, is a great enabler for better sharing and engagement for our customers and their clients.

For example, it will allow incorporation of new designs that are at an early stage of evolution to be displayed against current survey data.  

  • Architects will be able to import plans, elevations, and sections of their proposals to help clients see the vision of new projects.  
  • Heritage users will be able to embed historical drawings along side modern day digital surveys to accurately bring the history to life and
  • Customers in the infrastructure sectors will be able to overlay sub-surface pipe runs or electrical wiring inside building structures that will open up new and creative ways of using 3DUserNet.  This will be enhanced further by the additional functionality that we have added with this feature too.

Not only can you upload your file to the 3D viewport:

  • You can have multiple linework files at once, that you can toggle the visibility of
  • If your drawing file is layered, then you will also be able to toggle the visibility of those layers independently – which will open up the usability significantly.
  • You are also be able to move linework with the same tools that are utilised for 3D model transformations, so the gimbal tool can be used in the viewport or you can specify exact values for the position, rotation and scale of the drawing too, giving great flexibility to meet exact requirements for a particular project.
Toggle to see the Layers of your Drawings

To get the best out of this new feature we recommend that you try to structure your drawing files carefully to make sure they provide the best possible user experience and we will be adding documentation in the online help and FAQs that you can follow to help with this.

With this update there are also some additional features that we have added or enhanced too. 

  1. We now have an x-ray visualisation mode that works really well when viewing linework.  
  2. We have added a ‘Full-Screen’ mode for the 3D Viewer to allow you and your customers to have an even more immersive experience
  3. We have improved the UI and filtering on the upload status page to incorporate linework uploads and give you greater control of your uploaded content.
Comparison of Normal Points vs Xray Mode
New Full Screen Mode Button

We really think these changes are going to open up a whole new way to work with 3DUserNet and we are busy working on even more features to make using, sharing and collaborating on your digital assets even easier in the near future.

You can experience these new features on a live project right here

As always, we are really keen to hear any feedback or suggestions you might have for us, so please get in touch with your ideas.

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