New Features Update – Dec 2019

Whether it’s small or large, behind the scenes here at 3DUserNet we are constantly on a path to improve the capability of our portal. 

Sopwell Ruins
Sopwell Ruins, St Albans

In our latest update we have improved loading of models and linework. Now we have made the process faster and more reliable as well as giving better user feedback as to what is being loaded.

Last month we introduced X-ray mode which gives your point clouds transparency, we have now also added model transparency too, so now you can adjust individual models within the data management tab. Giving you more control over how your data looks on 3DUserNet!

We’ve now given our Line of Sight models the transparency makeover too, which really gives them the look we were originally designed for them. Of course as with other models you have the ability to change this to suit the look you want.

check out our demo here.

You can see the updates in action in this video.

Not only are we making 3DUserNet technically better, but more affordable too. Please get in touch to find out about our annual and multi-license discounts!

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