Slope Measurement Tool

Slope measurement is an important tool in many engineering applications and we are excited to now bring this to 3DUserNet to make it intuitive and easy to use for a much broader audience. You can try it out straight away by clicking on the image below, or read on to find out more details.

Example of Slope Measurements

We have been talking to our users across a variety of industries, but in particular the Hydrographic Mapping sector, and slope measurements are a big part of their projects.  We have added all the details of the measurements, such as run and rise and made this information readily accessible.  This new capability will enhance what they and their customers can do with the valuable data they are collecting, and will make it easier than ever to do it.

The new tool has been added to the measurement toolset, accessed from the tool menu in the top left of the 3D View.  The new icon is easy to spot and gives a good indication of its purpose.

The user then places a point at the top and bottom of the slope, using a left click of the mouse (or a single tap of the finger) and the measurement appears.  Easy as that.

All the critical information for the measurement is shown in the view but further details can also be found in the Data Management area at the bottom of the 3D View, where each measurements details can be called up or exported to a variety of formats.  This gives you everything you need.

It also works really well in combination with our other tools such as the profile tool and other measurements. Creating a rich toolset for you to interrogate and get the most from your survey data.

Example of Slope and Profile Tool Used in Combination

The Slope tool will also work on 3D models or linework as well, so you have the ultimate flexibility for your projects.

Give the Slope tool a try by signing up for a 30 day free trial or contact us from the website to open a full account now and enjoy all the benefits of using 3DUserNet on your projects.

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