3DUserNet Sharing Options

Sharing Options

Sharing your 3D data projects online with your team and your customers, has never been a more important capability for you to have, as you aim to remain effective and efficient whilst working remotely.

We understand that everyone needs different ways of sharing with different stakeholders and even potential customers, so we have developed four different ways in which you can share access to your projects, with varying levels of openness and usage of the toolset.

Closed Group Secure Sharing – for maintaining total control of access to your dataset on projects, where all your users have a 3DUserNet licence log in and you decide which projects they can interactively view and work on, using our groups feature.

Guest Share – for giving time limited interactive viewing access to people without them having to log in and when they don’t need access to any tools.

Open Share – when you create a URL for your project and make it available externally, for marketing or presentation purposes, even embed your project  into posts and your website . You can always switch this off at any time.

Viewer Share – a licence upgrade option that is an enhanced Guest Share so that viewers can view and do temporary work on the data, but can only save as screen shots, but they don’t need separate login or licence.

 So whatever your sharing and collaboration requirements I think we have the answer – so you can carry on working on projects on line at home and sharing with others without the need for meetings or sending data in any other way.

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