Brief History and the New World of Survey

We’ve been working with 3D data of all types for many years, in Surveying, Civil Engineering, Policing, Road Safety, Security and Defence.

We have always been in awe of the power 3D data brings to communicating information, but now with the dramatic rise in data capture by UAV, AUV, Mobile Mapping devices and the expansion of use across all AEC sectors and in new sectors altogether, it has simply now become mainstream currency.

But it is the power of integrating multiple data types into Digital Twins that is truly helping Digital Transformation of many businesses and sectors. The ability to view, work and collaborate on this data online magnifies this power dramatically.

3DUserNetVISION is designed to bring this power to businesses at any scale with a focus on the best possible visual and user experience for Point Clouds, Images, 360 Panoramics, LOD Meshes and Linked project documents, bringing all your project information together in your own on line Portal, branded with your company name.

The real key to success in driving efficiency and impacting the bottom line is enabling access to as many in the project as you need and having tools for collaborating and communicating through the Portal.

So we designed UserNets as a way for self contained project groups to have UNLIMITED Users and User types, along with mark up tools and Intra UserNet communications

We have a very simple philosophy – give the clients what they need  and how they need it– so many of the features have been developed in conversation with surveyors and survey data users. This will always be our way.

So we hope you find 3DUserNetVISION fulfils your needs and if you would like to add ideas as we continue developing new features then p[lease get in touch with us directly.


The Team

Paul (1)

Paul Snudden – Co-Founder, CEO

I’ve a rather eclectic and wide ranging experience at senior level in both major corporates and in start ups. I was lucky enough to be a Board Director at Saatchi & Saatchi Advertising and Lintas Worldwide Advertising in the extraordinary 1990s. Then in 2003 I became a start up investor and COO of on-line travel company, alongside the amazing late Anita Roddick and her husband Gordon.  While sales reached £15 million, it was the long lasting impact on Tourism which we were able to effect, that was the real reward. I retain an interest in the business and in the field of Wildlife Conservation.

In 2013 I met Dave and Mark and was blown away by the power of 3D visualization and its potential to change so much in the world. In 2013 we set up Advanced Laser Imaging Ltd to bring that to bear on the criminal justice system and the security market. In 2017 we saw the huge opportunity to harness the power of 3D world by bringing it online and started 3DUserNet. Now as the Survey World goes through dramatic changes in how data is captured and used we are excited to be responding with great tools to multiply the effect of that data for efficiency across so many industries.


Mark DeGiovanni – Co-Founder, Technical Director

After graduating I joined Qinetiq, where at first I analysed the impact of munitions against structures! I ended up taking over management of the 3D modelling and virtualisation group. In 2005 I was seconded to the home office scientific development branch (now CAST) to help with the analysis on the effect of the IEDs used in the London Bombings.

In 2006 I joined the Metropolitan Police Service as a Higher 3D Modeller, where I helped lead development of 3D technologies for use in criminal investigations, including Photogrammetry. In 2013 I joined Paul and Dave at Advanced Laser Imaging  where we have used these new technologies to carry out work for many UK constabularies and for legal teams.

In 2017 we started 3DUserNet and my role in the business is to do initial stage coding and development, overseeing a team of 8 developers along with Dave to deliver the new VISION Platform

It’s been great to see the platform come together with input from customers, which always stretches the mind as you always have new features you would like!!!! J)

But I love the challenge and I’m sure we are setting new standards in the industry.

Dave M pic 2021

Dave Mercel – Co-Founder,  Development Director

I’ve always been interested in emerging technologies and their practical application to help solve real world problems so after graduating my Planetary Sciences degree at UCL, where I explored the use of remote sensing technologies to observe terrestrial planets, I started working for the UK’s leading survey firm Plowman Craven who were one of the first companies in Europe to invest in Laser Scanning.  As part of the new 3D team I developed the use of the technology for many new sectors from AEC through to entertainment and police investigation.  I gained a reputation of taking emerging technologies and making them reliable and profitable for the company. 

In 2005 I joined the Metropolitan Police Service who were looking at bringing Laser Scanning into their investigations on a more permanent basis and became the first Head of Laser Scanning, applying the technology on numerous high profile cases throughout almost 8 years of service.

In December 2013 I left to help found Advanced Laser Imaging as CTO, to bring Laser Scanning to more justice cases and then co-founded 3DUserNet in 2017.  After coding the proof-of-concept for 3DUserNet now my role is Director of Development where I design the road map of the platform and manage the development team.