Upload and work with project data from Aerial Lidar and Photogrammetry, Terrestrial and Mobile Mapping, Hydrographic MBES

Point Clouds.las / .laz / .e57 / .rcp / .pts / .xyz (All must be Cartesian Coordinate Systems)
Textured Meshes.stl / .ply / .obj / .fbx
Standard Image Files*.jpg / .png / (.csv /.txt file optional for 3D location and orientation****)
Panoramic Image Files*,***.jpg / .png (.csv /.txt file required for 3D location and orientation)
Orthomosaic Image Files.tif / .tiff (.tfw required if projection data not stored in tiff)
Textured Meshes**.b3dm (3D Tiles format - includes .json and Geometry folder)
Batch Uploads You can upload multiple files together to be included in the same project

* Images require the Imagery Module to be purchased

** Textured Meshes require the Mesh Module to be purchased

*** Panoramic Images must be full 360 by 180 equirectangular projected images

**** Positioning of Standard imagery is only possible if it has GPS metadata or a csv file is provided with positional and orientation information. If GPS metadata is used, a project must be set in a cartesian coordinate projection for the images to align correctly.

Appearance on your own branded viewer

Point Clouds 
Point Cloud Visual RefinementLevel of Detail, point sizing and refine options to get best visual appearance
Point ShadingEye-Dome Lighting provides shading to point cloudsGlobal toggles can switch on and off
X-Ray ModeMake the pointcloud semi-transparent to help highlight linework or other assets in the view
Classification ColouringColour by Classification if the uploaded data was .las or .laz format
Height Ramp ColouringSelect from a range of colour gradient options and set custom ranges for particular datasets.
Insert & Position ModelsBring in 3D CAD models and interactively position them or set exact locations
Model VisibilityToggle visibility of model layers within the 3D ViewGlobal toggles can switch on and off
General 3D View Features 
Integrate Multiple DatasetsLoad multiple datasets of different types into the 3D View and toggle their visibility like layers to help build your project
Brightness / Contrast AdjustmentAdjust Brightness and contrast controls for Pointclouds and Models to help create a blended scene
Background ColourChange between Gradient / Black / White or Sky backgrounds
Orthographic & Perspective ViewSwitch seamlessly between Orthographic and Perspective viewpoints
Align by 3 PointsClick 3 points in the scene to align your view to them. Great for viewing facade/elevation details.
Align View to AxisSelect from standard
Measurements & AnnotationsAdd measurements and annotations to the scene to extract value and collaborate with others.
Visibility Distance Adjustment Change the distance that annotations or measurements are visible to help keep your scene uncluttered
Mouse / Keyboard / TouchscreenNavigation suitable for any modern device using mouse, Keyboard or Touchscreen gestures.


MeasurementsVariety of measurement tools including: Point / Spot Height / Distance / Height / Angle / Area / Slope
Node AdjustmentAbility to adjust measurement nodes when needed to ensure accurate measurement placement.
Check PointsImport a list of Survey Points to check against point clouds or other scene assets* does not work on Meshes
AnnotationsPlace annotations in the 3D View with Text, Documents, Video, HTML and more
Lines of SightPlace scaled figures into the 3D View to get their viewpoint
ProfilesCreate profile ‘slices’ through point clouds and export the results in csv or las format
Clip BoxesClip the pointclouds to insert new model designs or tidy the scene

Document Repository

File Store and ManagerPut all your Survey Project information in one place
Link to 3D AnnotationsLink to store files in the 3D View using annotations
Send Direct Share LinksShare files directly with stakeholders using the ‘Share’ functionality
Upload any File TypeUpload any type of file you need to the Document Repository
Create Unlimited SubfoldersYou can create as many sub folders as you need to help keep your documents organised


View Vector or Image MappingToggle between vector or satellite imagery on the side map panel when your project is geolocated.
Navigate 3D View using Side MapThe 3D camera position and filed of view is shown on the map and can be dragged to position the camera to locations of interest
MeasurementsCreate line or area measurements on the map as required

Image Module

UAV Images / Panoramic / OrthomosaicsUpload oriented (UAV) images, 360 Panoramics, GeoTiffs or other non-oriented images to add to your project tasks
Image Thumbnails in 3D ViewView thumbnails of each image in the 3D View in context with your survey data
Panorama Location Spheres360 Panoramic images are displayed with an image sphere that is located in the 3D sceneoriented or unoriented
Pinpoint, Select & ZoomRefine your image visibility in the 3D View by pinpointing a location and then selecting an image and zooming into it.
Hero ImageUse the side panel to view a ‘Hero Image’ of interest to really get into the details at high zoom levels
Mark-Up & CommentAdd comments and mark-up’s to images and save these for use with others
Bookmark & TagCreate bookmarks and tags to help classify your images into groups
Overlay on MappingOverlay orthoimages onto the side mapping when your project is geolocated
High Resolution ZoomImages are optimised to allow high level zooming in the 3D view and side panelsmark up and comment

Deliverables and Collaboration

Online DeliverablesSave a Version of your Project to easily share online with others
Off-Line DeliverablesYou can download datasets and create screenshots to add to off-line presentations
Sharing & CollaborationShare a version with your Usenet team or invite Guests to view your projects on a time-limited basis
Unlimited UsersYou can have any number of users you need in a UserNet to help make collaboration easy and highly cost effective