3DUserNet VISION and Autodesk Recap

Adding convenient sharing and on-line working to your Recap Point Cloud workflow

Many of you will already be using Autodesk Recap software for viewing of Point Cloud Data on local computers. It is convenient and produces high quality point clouds, but functionality for sharing deliverables is limited and for full 3D sharing each viewer needs to have the software installed (windows only), which makes it difficult for collaboration with wider project teams using a variety of different devices.

So an ideal solution is to create your Point Clouds on Recap and upload them to 3DUserNet VISION. The image above shows screenshots of the same data in Recap and VISION, side by side. So you can have confidence that the end user 3D experience using VISION will be just a great as it is in Recap.

It is easy to add Recap outputs into 3DUserNet VISION to create and share great deliverables  

3DUserNet VISION gives you a powerful online platform for collaborating and delivering projects using Autodesk Recap outputs, along with all your other survey data. 

It can ingest and integrate multiple datasets, be they Point Clouds, Textured Meshes, Models, HD images or 360 panoramics and provides tools for building on these projects by adding measurements, image mark ups and notes to create and deliver projects quickly, update them over time, and share them easily with your customers and project teams.

Guide to outputting data from Autodesk Recap for easy upload to 3DUserNetVISION HERE

More information and a FREE trial of 3DUserNetVISION HERE

We will be producing similar guides for other software packages shortly. Let us know if there are any in particular you would like us to provide.

Paul, Dave and Mark – Co-Founders