A complete online viewing, creation and collaboration Portal for all your Survey Data projects

A comprehensive, high quality and accuracy streaming and work platform for all 3D & 2D Survey Data and Imagery outputs, together with job collaboration features, flexible Modular Licensing and your own branded viewer.

VISION enables you to View, Create and Collaborate on projects using

  • Point Clouds and High Resolution Textured Meshes
  • Models and Line Work              
  • Images and 360 Panoramics, ,
  • Orthomosaics and Mapping 
  • Project Documentation

Giving you greater independence

We accept data types from all instruments and hardware, giving you greater independence across all your projects.

Features have been developed with partner companies for projects using

  • UAV Photogrammetry and Images,
  • Lidar Data and Images from Fixed and Mobile Mapping,
  • MBES data for Hydrographic and Maritime survey,
  • And projects that use all three!

Efficient Inspections, Monitoring, Asset Management, and one off Survey Tasks

With all your data in one place and in a single online viewer, and with the measurement and bespoke tools for each sector, you can create and share powerful deliverables online on any device.

Brand viewer with your own company name

With the viewer branding feature open to everyone, you can own-label viewer with your own logo

Unlimited Users on each project

No worrying about rationing licenses and who has access. Your whole project team can collaborate easily and highly cost effectively, with 3 different levels of user.

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Do you already have your own Cloud Storage?  

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