Use and share your Zoller + Fröhlich instrument data more effectively

We are delighted to announce that you are now able to import native Z+F instrument data into the 3DUserNetVISION platform.

We all know the exceptional quality of these instruments and their outputs, and now it is simple to share and collaborate on this data online using our VISION platform.

Here you can measure, take sections, integrate other point clouds or models, annotate, add orthomosaics and maps, and link directly to project documentation from the 3D view, all through a browser on any device

Then share immersive deliverables and collaborate on line securely with your project teams and clients.

Capturing thermal image data with your Z+F scanner?

You can also upload and stream thermal image data and use the whole VISION toolset for these projects.

We have a guide to the simple process of getting the data into our platform right here