Answering the needs of the Maritime Survey & Inspection Sector

VISION can ingest data types typical of Hydrographic surveys and stream them quickly, clearly, and accurately. With measurement tools and features such as colour coding different Point Clouds to highlight changes in areas of interest.

The Textured Mesh option gives the data incredible clarity for an even better customer experience, and can be integrated with point cloud.

Fast online delivery of Hydrographic and multi-sensor project tasks. Turn around your water based projects at high speed, but with excellent accuracy, for maximum efficiency.

Layer other point clouds, meshes and models no matter how the data has been derived you can bring it all into the same view

Dedicated ortho and map viewer and downloads, gives you the option for contextual viewing of data and deriving plans

Add HD images if captured and view them on the 3D view and in a dedicated area for mark up and comment and download

The LOD Mesh option gives the data incredible clarity for an even better customer experience.

Vessel Inspections and Environmental compliance can become a more streamlined and efficient process. VISION provides the ideal portal to adopt for managing the process of storing and providing access to all the relevant data for BWT inspections and scrubber fittings