3DUserNetVISION launches VISIONIntegrate the simple way to add 3DuserNetVISION to an existing portal.

Increasing numbers of Survey businesses are setting up their own portals to give access to project data and documentation, in many cases what’s missing is a 3D and Imagery viewer.

VISIONIntegrate offers the opportunity to easily add 3DUserNetVISION as your own branded viewer into an existing portal and give end customers a way of viewing and exploring their 3D Point Cloud, Model and Mesh data together with lmagery from drones and terrestrial instruments and any deliverables created with that data. 

Customers are also able to make measurements and annotations, access and download project documentation, and take snapshots to share with others, all online, with no additional log-ins. 

Costs are a simple ‘pay as you go’ structure based on the size of the data in each project in each month – starting at just £12/14Euro/$15 per month for up to 50Gb and rising in bands as follows.

Project Data SizeCost per Month
Up to 50 GB£12/ €14/ $15
51 – 150 GB£28/ €33/ $35
151 – 300 GB£45/ €50/ $55
301 – 500 GB£85/ €100/ $102
501 – 1000 GB£165/ €195/ $200
1001 – 1500 GB£245/ €290/ $295
1501 – 2000 GB£270/ €320/ $325
2000 GB +TBA

So with a single 3DUserNetVISION subscription, Survey businesses are able to provide all of their customers with this service in a clear and affordable way.

For more details see here and email info@3DuserNet.com